Moving House with Your Pets: How to Pick a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The sad truth of life is that not everyone likes animals. Living areas like apartments and apartment buildings are regulated accordingly, so unfortunately we often have to be careful about which apartment we choose to move into.

Some might be labeled as dog-friendly or cat-friendly, but you have to be careful about their extended rules and what they entail. Otherwise, you might end up renting or buying a new apartment, only to realize that your pooch doesn’t fit the strict requirements imposed by the building owners.

Keep Track of Rules and By-Laws

There are rules about renting apartments just about any place you can think of. Even moving to a house in the middle of nowhere will carry some rules and responsibilities, so you always need to check the by-laws before moving in.

apartments for rent in Bentonville AR

When looking for apartments for rent in Bentonville AR, ask the property manager directly about the by-laws that would affect your ability to bring your pet with you to this location. The property manager might have particular guidelines about allowing you to move into the apartment with a dog or a cat. In most cases, those landlords who allow pets will be quite lenient, but sometimes they will make up some rules such as not allowing the pet access to certain rooms.

In many cases, you will also have to talk to the superintendent or the building owner. Even if the landlord allows you to bring in pets, the rules that apply to the entire building could be stricter. So it’s important to learn about them in detail before making your final decision on accepting the apartment.

Instead of just asking if pets are allowed, ask specific questions as well. For example, if your dogs tend to bark a lot, ask if that would be a problem, and inquire if you need to be careful while going up and down the stairs with your dogs, or about allowing them to urinate in certain outdoor areas close to the building. There might be specific rules about all of these issues, and some apartments for rent in Bentonville AR will even have rules about the size and maximum weight of the pets you bring in.

Is the Apartment Truly Pet-Friendly?

Being allowed a pet and being able to move in with a pet are two very different things. Before you move in, it’s essential that you examine the apartment thoroughly and make sure that it’s a suitable environment for a pet. If you don’t yet have a dog or a cat, it might be a good idea to purchase one that is as suitable as possible to the living area in question.

Generally speaking, a few points of interest should include the flooring, the balcony and the access you have to outdoor areas nearby. Is there a park close by? Is the balcony large enough to set up a small outdoor “bathroom” for your pet there? And are there a lot of fragile carpets around the apartment?

Hardwood and tile floors are usually better than carpets, since you won’t have to worry about cleaning too much or removing pet hair. A balcony and access to outdoor areas are also because of your pet’s need to go to the bathroom, as well as his or her need for exercise and fresh air. These issues are extremely important, especially when you’re not able to take your dog outside every single day

Will Colorado Homes Drop in Price Soon?

houses for sale in Southlands

Colorado real estate is expensive – and this comes from several reasons.

First, it’s the economic growth and the population boom. It seems that, lately, everyone wants to move in Colorado, whether it is for a better job and career opportunities or for the beauty of its landscape. Statistics show that the state has grown by about 80,000 people since 2007, which puts it in the 7TH place among the fastest growing states.

In these circumstances, the demand for housing has also grown significantly and it is bound to keep going up. However, the downside is that the supply is low compared with the demand for a high quality of life that people have when it comes to living in Colorado. Builders create new apartments and neighborhoods in the suburbs, but are more focused on luxury homes and will probably remain like this as long as the interest rates will remain low (as long as interest rates are low, people will afford to buy more expensive homes). Besides, low rates do not attract only traditional buyers, but also investors, who purchase homes to rent them or make certain repairs and renovations and resell them for a higher price.

Another reason why Colorado real estate is expensive is that most people nowadays consider buying bigger homes if they can afford them, which is particularly true now, during the pandemic, when so many individuals work from home.  Working from home may sound like a dream come true, but in reality it is not easy to cope with personal and professional life if you do not have adequate space. Therefore many people leave downtown and opt for single family homes in the suburbs, which allow them to take better care of their current needs.

In 2021 and 2022, single family homes are expected to outperform sectors like retail, commercial and hotel, and reach the highest level in the last 15 years. Home prices will increase over the next 3 years, according to a report based on surveys of economists and real estate organizations.

Finally yet importantly, let’s not overlook the fact that Colorado continues to be a very desirable place to live due to the overall quality of life here. Houses for sale in Southlands, and houses in the Denver area in general, continue to sell quickly.

So, there are advantages of living in Colorado, there is no question about it, but housing is indeed expensive. Can we expect to see homes drop in price anytime soon? Experts rather say no. Actually, some estimate that prices will keep growing quite rapidly, at least in certain cities, due to low housing supply. For example, Colorado Springs, which is one of the hottest housing markets in the United States is expected to see a 5% increase in home prices, even once the pandemic is be gone. There are also predictions about certain depreciation in home value, but not in Colorado.

The average home selling price in Colorado is now about $400,000; two years ago it was $300,000. Homes will not drop in price anytime soon and those who cannot afford such prices will have to consider renting.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Property Management Company

Denver property managers

If you own property that you are already renting out, but the tasks related to managing your relationship with your tenants, to collecting the rent and to repairing and maintaining your property seem too much to handle or if you are planning to start a property rental business, outsourcing the tasks related to your property to an experienced property management company is a great idea. However, like any outsourcing project, hiring a property manager has pros and cons as well – here are some of the most important aspects to weigh before you start looking for the right company to hire.

The Pros of Working with Pros

Property management is surely a profession that can be learned, but the learning curve is steep and it involves acquiring lots of knowledge about the financial, legal and zoning aspects as well as about dealing with existing tenants, managing ads for finding new tenants and managing all the necessary repair and maintenance activities. Hiring reputable Denver property managers can save you from all that hassle – here are some of the most important benefits of hiring a professional property manager:

  • Peace of mind that your property is well-maintained – whether you rent your property to residential or commercial tenants, you need it to be perfectly functional and up to code at all time. Your property manager will work based on a strictly respected maintenance schedule and will also handle the necessary repairs, including emergencies, in a professional manner;
  • Peace of mind that you have reliable tenants – having trustworthy tenants who pay their rents on time and treat your property with proper care is also essential. Property management companies have experienced in collecting rent as well as in screening and selecting tenants and handling the relationship with them, so you will not have to deal with any of these issues;
  • Compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations – rental property management is a field regulated by lots of laws and local regulations and any non-compliance means trouble. Property management companies possess the right type of knowledge to make sure that your property and your processes are in compliance with all regulations at all time.

The Cons of Working with a Property Management Company

There are not many cons to hiring a property manager, but there is one that is a major hurdle for many property owners and that is the related cost. Property management services are not cheap – though not all property management companies work for the same rates, the level of expertise and experience that they will put at your disposal is valuable, so none of them are inexpensive. Most companies will work for monthly fees calculated as a percentage of the rent collected each month, to which other fees are usually added, too, such as marketing fees for listings to advertise your vacancies and other, miscellaneous fees. Before you choose your property management company, it is a good idea to contact several firms and to find out about their rates, fees and the services provided for those rates and fees to be able to find the best service provider.

What Can My Business Do to Prevent Water Damage?

Phoenix water damage

Water damage, whether minor or substantial, can cause serious disruption to your business operations, damage to your building and discomfort, even health risks to your employees. While the water damage caused by a severe flood or by the water used for putting out a fire cannot be prevented, there is a lot that you can do to avoid preventable water damage to your business property. Here are some tips.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Any damage caused by burst pipes is costly to remedy, but the issues caused by the damage of the pipes exposed to freezing are also notoriously hard to detect and they might cause structural damage in the building before they get noticed. The water that freezes inside these vulnerable pipes expands and causes the pipes to burst, causing an inundation either instantly or when the water in the pipes melt.

To solve the problem, perform a detailed inspection of your building to identify all the exposed pipes, then choose suitable insulation, such as foam of the right thickness and wrap the pipes in the insulation.

Don’t Turn Off the Heating Completely in Winter

You need a certain temperature even in the unused or rarely used areas in your building to prevent water in the pipes from freezing. Make sure that the temperature in unused rooms never drops under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perform Regular Gutter and Downspout Maintenance

One of the major causes of water damage is damaged gutters and drainage. Gutter pipes that are clogged, cracked, broken or sagging and downspouts that are clogged or otherwise damaged are unable to direct water away from the building, leaving rainwater or the water resulting from melting snow pouring down on the building walls and into the foundation. The excessive moisture might be absorbed into the walls and into the foundation, causing cracks as well as mold and mildew on the interior as well as on the exterior of the building.

Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve: inspect your gutters and your downspouts every six months, ideally before summer and before winter, then clean the pipes and repair any damage that you find.

Maintain Your Roof

Regular roof maintenance is essential not only for preventing roof damage and to slow down roof aging, but also for preventing water damage inside your building. Airborne debris tends to accumulate on roof surfaces and the dirt and dust also tends to absorb the moisture from the air – if the dirt is not removed in a timely manner, the prolonged exposure to dampness will sooner or later weaken the roof, causing leaks to appear. Fortunately, roof cleaning is not a difficult process, you can do it climbing on a safe ladder and using a suitable tool, such as a broom on a long stick or a device suitable for blowing the debris off the roof. If you don’t feel safe handling the cleaning, you can turn to a professional roofer to do it for you – roof cleaning services are very affordable, but they are surely valuable for any building.

Despite all these precautions, water damages are still a possibility. If your home or business suffers from flooding and severe water damage, your best bet is to contact the best Phoenix water damage restoration experts you can find.

What Is General Liability Insurance for Business?

Known by many as the business liability insurance, a general liability insurance is a type of policy that businesses in most states are required to purchase by the law and that protects the insured business from general claims made by third parties for various types of damage or injury sustained by third parties or their properties that occur because of the insured business’ activity. In other words, a general liability insurance Colorado policy provides coverage for medical and repair expenses resulting from the activities of the insured business as well as for the related attorney fees and other related costs.

general liability insurance Colorado policy - manage your risk

Examples of What a General Liability Insurance Covers For

The most common example is slip and fall accidents. If a client or customer of the insured business sustains a physical injury because of a wet or slippery floor on your business premises, your general liability insurance might be used for covering the claim made by the injured client.

Another category of claims covered for by general liability insurance policies is for damage sustained by the property of your client. For example, if your painting team accidentally spills a bucket of paint on the client’s floor and the client makes a claim, the expenses related to the restoration or cleaning of the floor can be covered from the general liability insurance. You can also use your general liability insurance if your business premises are in a rented property and your activities cause any damage to the landlord’s building.

Examples of What a General Liability Insurance Policy Does Not Cover For

In most states, businesses are required by the law to purchase insurance policies that cover for very distinct categories of claims. The range of these policies includes workers’ compensation insurance, a type of policy that covers for the work-related injuries sustained by your personnel, commercial auto insurance policies that cover for the damage sustained by your commercial vehicles and cars used for the purposes of your business and commercial property insurance that covers for damage sustained by the building and the property from which or in which you conduct your business. The scope of your business liability insurance cannot be extended to include coverage for these claims, which also means that you will need multiple, separate policies.

How to Purchase a General Liability Insurance for Your Business

You can either turn directly to an insurance company or you can turn to an insurance broker or agent to make a selection of suitable policies for you and to present the pros and cons of each of your options for you. If you decide to handle the insurance purchasing process on your own, check the offers of all the insurers available in your area – there can be significant differences in terms of the premiums charged. It is also a good idea to check the company’s reputation in terms of how they handle claims. If you decide to turn to a broker instead, try to find a specialist that has been in the business for long and has extensive knowledge about the benefits and disadvantages of the products offered by multiple insurers.

Important Questions You Should Always Ask Before Renting a Storage Unit

Storage units can be a real pain if you don’t get the right one. To prevent that from happening and make sure you won’t have to stand there and argue with the storage company’s representatives while the movers are waiting for your decision, it’s a good idea to ask some of the following questions before even renting a new storage unit or compartment.

Do They Have Full Service Storage?

Some homeowners might be confused by the difference between a self storage service and a moving service. If you plan to move your items straight to a storage unit during your move, and then straight to the new home, then you can avoid hiring a moving service altogether, and just ask your Colorado Springs storage company if they have full service storage.

With full service storage, you can avoid the hassle of moving your items yourself or hiring another company, since the storage company may do everything for you.

How Easy Will Your Access Be?

For some homeowners, 24/7 access is very important if they plan to access and use some of the items they store on a regular basis. If you’re one of them, make sure to discuss with your storage provider whether or not they can provide you with convenient access options, such as 24/7 access and the ability to park your car or truck right in front of the door to your storage compartment whenever you need to get something out.

Will Your Items Be Properly Protected?

Climate control and security are two of the most important amenities and features that storage providers are required to have. If you want your belongings to be properly protected from rain, snow, UV radiation, fires, as well as thieves trying to steal your most prized and high priced items, make sure to ask your storage company about the more advanced climate control and hi-tech security features that they have to offer.

car storage Colorado Springs

What Sizes and Extra Features Are Available?

You might have a wine cellar with a considerable number of vintage bottles that require special wine storage. Alternatively, you might own snow mobiles, boats, classic cars or other vehicles that require a more careful approach to their storage requirements. If so, make sure you are specific about the size of your storage unit and the special boat or car storage Colorado Springs features you might require, as well as detailed pricing.

What Items Are You Restricted from Storing?

Not all items are allowed, and depending on the state you’re in, some might even be illegal to store. Dangerous and illegal items, such as weapons and toxic substances will typically fall under this category, and you might have to consider talking to some experts who handle special storage, if you are the legal owner of legal (but normally restricted) items and you require a particular type of storage unit that isn’t usually available at most companies.

Ask About Insurance and Cost-Related Issues

Finally, it’s very important to ask what would happen if somehow your items were damaged or stolen. Inquire about insurance benefits offered by the company, and make sure you ask for a copy of their insurance policy. Once that’s done, you can talk about the price and ask how much each feature costs, so you can determine what you want and for how long.

What Should I Look for When Finding a Self-Storage Unit?

Finding the self-storage unit that works best for your items and is also easy to access is no small task – here is some help to make the process easier for you.

Location and Access

How important these two aspects are depends on how often you need to access your storage unit. Most storage facilities are located at the edge of your town or city, so you will inevitably have to do some commuting.

The opening hours when you can have access to your storage unit is another important aspect – not all facilities provide access to their compartments 24/7, so bear that in mind when choosing a storage space provider.

Fort Smith storage

Safety, Security and Insurance

The security of the items that you store in your compartment should be on the top of your list of priorities, so make sure that you pick a Fort Smith storage provider that guarantees 24/7 surveillance with camera systems, plenty of light both indoors and outdoors and security fencing around the facility. Make sure that your storage unit is fitted with an alarm system and check out how safe and sturdy the locks on your unit are.

Many facilities offer diverse insurance options for the items stored in their units – if the items that you want to move are not insured otherwise, look for a unit that comes with insurance.

Temperature and Humidity Conditions

In terms of the protection of your stored items from heat, cold, dryness and high humidity, self-storage units can be classified into three categories:

  • Outdoor units – these are the cheapest units available, suitable for large and sturdy items that are not sensitive to weather conditions, such as vehicles;
  • Temperature-controlled units – these units are located in facilities equipped with heating to maintain the interior temperature stable, but they do not provide humidity control, so they are suitable for items that need the ambient temperature to be relatively stable, but are not sensitive to humidity;
  • Climate-controlled units – these units provide a controlled environment for your items, with stable humidity and stable temperature as well. These units are the best choice for sensitive items, such as important documents, furniture made from wood, wood veneer and leather, musical instruments, such as a guitar or a piano, works of art, electronics, items made from metal components that can rust and sensitive clothing, especially pieces made from fine fabrics.

Help Moving Your Items

Many Fort Smith storage unit providers offer not only compartments for rent, but other services as well, such as packing and moving services, the availability of packing supplies on the premises.

Flexible Terms

Most people looking for a suitable Fort Smith storage unit need the space only for short periods, but some clients need the space they are renting for years. The best storage unit providers try to cater for such diverse requirements offering flexible rental terms, so look for a company that offers weekly, monthly as well as yearly payment plans and allow you to cancel the contract easily if you don’t need the storage space anymore. Many facilities also offer one month for free if you pay several months in advance or if you rent a specific type of unit, so try to find a facility that offers such promotions.

What Is Co-Working Office Space

Office Space For Rent Denver Shared Coworking

At the present, it is easier than ever to open a business or become a freelancer. There is little paperwork and you do not need to keep a shop. Instead, you can create digital products, operate a dropshipping business or provide your expert services. Co-working office space appeared in response to the increasing demand for affordable places for entrepreneurs to run their businesses.


What Exactly Is Co-Working Office Space?

Co-working office spaces are small sized office spaces, just enough for one or a few business partners to run a start-up or a small business. They have everything you need: professional office furniture, some business equipment on demand (printer, video conference equipment and projector) and the basic facilities, like WiFi.


The difference between co-working space and regular office space is that you do not have to rent an entire floor, but strictly the space you require to set up an office. Another great advantage of office space for rent Denver location is that you do not have to enter into a long lease agreement. Instead of renting the space for one year (the minimum period for office buildings), co-working spaces can be rent on a monthly or even hourly basis.


This is very helpful for start-up owners who do not have a large budget for office space. Plus, you may not need to be at the office every day. So, why should you pay for space you don’t use?


Key Benefits of Choosing to Run Your Business from a Co-Working Office Space

Apart from saving money, renting co-working spaces has several important perks:


  1. Complimentary Products and Services

Co-working office space users generally enjoy benefits such as complimentary coffee, water fountain and access to some entertainment areas. Here, you can relax on bean bags, play some games, or simply rest and put order in your thoughts.


  1. Professional Equipment for Long Distance Conference Calls

Some start-ups manage to attract the attention of online specialists and angel investors from abroad. In this situation, it is important to be available for discussions and negotiations in a professional looking environment.


Co-working office spaces offer you the ideal background for video calls plus the equipment you need for video conferences. Thus, you will not be hindered by blurry images, bad internet connection or malfunctioning devices.


  1. Opportunities to Network

Co-working office spaces are real hubs for entrepreneurs. Here you can meet your future best client or supplier. Or you may find someone whose talent and business ideas complement yours so you decide to join forces.


At any rate, you have the highest chance to meet people in your niche and find opportunities to grow your business.


  1. Attend Business Events

Many business events take place in co-working office spaces. These are usually smaller scale events that do not have the budget to rent a large conference hall. Yet, this is the kind of events you should attend. You cannot relate or share experiences with a top level CEO or an international finance specialist. Instead, you can meet business people who started from zero, like you, and who now run successful small and middle sized enterprises.


  1. Enjoy Flexible Working Hours

Some people work best in the early morning. Others reach their creative peak in late afternoon or in the evening. And co-working office spaces cater for all these people, as they stay open almost all the time. Thus, you can come and work whenever you feel you are most productive.

Tips for Financing Your New Home

Financing Todd Creek Homes For Sale

Whether you are buying your new home or you are building it, you will have to face many challenges during the process. Some of the obstacles will be financial, others practical, so the most important thing to have while getting your home is a level head and a calm attitude of confidence. Here are some tips that can make the financial aspect of the project easier for you.

Accurate Budgeting

Knowing how much you can actually spend on your new home is essential not only for closing the best deal, but also for being able to hold up your end of the deal on the long run.

The budgeting process should involve a close and realistic look at your monthly balance of incomes and expenses, at your perspectives for the near future as well as for the more distant future as well as on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more favorable the loan conditions that you can get from your lender, so if your credit score looks less than perfect today, the first step towards buying your new home should be to determine the steps to improve that score and to follow those steps in a disciplined manner.

When you have achieved the best credit score that you can get, revisit your budget and apply for a pre-approval – that way, you can find out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new housing and it will also give you a document that you can use in the negotiation for the properties that you consider suitable. As a general rule of thumb, most people financing their housing project with money borrowed from lenders can afford loans that are about 2-2.5 times their gross annual income, but the final amount that you can get depends on complex calculations that involve special factors used by lenders to determine how much you are eligible for, such as how many years the loan is for and how much you can pay back each month, the type of the interest rate you have chosen.

Learn About All the Available Financing Options

Taking out a conventional mortgage loan is still the most common way to finance your ne home, but not the only one. The other financing options include the following solutions:

  • conventional loans from banks, some of which require down payments of only 3-5%;
  • loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration that are also available with low down payment and even for people whose credit scores are not the best;
  • bridge financing – these short-term financing options are useful when you need some money right now, but you are sure that you will obtain the money from a different source soon and will be able to repay the bridge loan.

If building your own home seems to be a more attractive option, you can find out a lot about available financing options from your builder, or what Todd Creek homes for sale they have in inventory. They can tell you about preferred lender programs and they can also help you put together a very accurate budget for the construction process.

How to Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Move

Wheat Ridge movers

The best way to reduce the stress related to moving house – and the best way to reduce the stress related to any kind of complex activity planned for the near future – is to plan ahead and to stick to that plan. Packing an entire household in a way that keeps your belongings safe and easily retrievable at your new location is no small task, so here are a few tips for you about putting together a great and efficient moving plan.

When to Start

The preparations for the upcoming move should ideally start 4-8 weeks before the planned date of the move. You can spend the first few days or the first week just brainstorming and looking for a suitable moving service or figuring out some other way to transport your items to your new place.

Tasks to Handle Each Week Before the Move

The next task to handle is to make an inventory of your belongings. Start entering everything that you want to move into a list – the process is an excellent opportunity to sort your belongings and to get rid of anything that is not functional and of any item that you don’t want to use anymore. If you cannot make up your mind whether a specific item should stay or go, think about the last time that you used it – if the item has not been in use for over a year, chances are that you don’t need it and you can give it to someone else or toss it. Parallel with the sorting process, the second week of the preparation is also when you should call your Wheat Ridge movers to schedule the exact date of the move.

The third week of the preparations should be spent getting packing supplies. You will need boxes of various sizes, sturdy plastic bags, preferably transparent to make the identification of the items contained easier, tape, glue, wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap for the fragile items, string, markers and labels. Try to develop the packing system that works best for you – you can either choose to pack the items that are in one room at a time or you can pack clothes on one day, household appliances on the next and so on. Don’t forget your utilities either, dealing with utility companies is not always as fast as you would like it to be – contact your utility providers to cancel the service or to move them to your new address.

The final phase of the packing process starts when you have everything packed. Go through your rooms one more time to check whether there is anything left to pack, then clean the home from top to bottom.

Things to Pay Attention to

Don’t forget to prepare for the first night or for the first couple of days spent at your new location. Pack a large bag or a suitcase with the items that you might need in the beginning, such as toiletries, bedding, towels, some instant coffee, pajamas, whatever you need to start your new life in comfort and to help you prepare for the unpacking.