Moving House with Your Pets: How to Pick a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The sad truth of life is that not everyone likes animals. Living areas like apartments and apartment buildings are regulated accordingly, so unfortunately we often have to be careful about which apartment we choose to move into.

Some might be labeled as dog-friendly or cat-friendly, but you have to be careful about their extended rules and what they entail. Otherwise, you might end up renting or buying a new apartment, only to realize that your pooch doesn’t fit the strict requirements imposed by the building owners.

Keep Track of Rules and By-Laws

There are rules about renting apartments just about any place you can think of. Even moving to a house in the middle of nowhere will carry some rules and responsibilities, so you always need to check the by-laws before moving in.

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When looking for apartments for rent in Bentonville AR, ask the property manager directly about the by-laws that would affect your ability to bring your pet with you to this location. The property manager might have particular guidelines about allowing you to move into the apartment with a dog or a cat. In most cases, those landlords who allow pets will be quite lenient, but sometimes they will make up some rules such as not allowing the pet access to certain rooms.

In many cases, you will also have to talk to the superintendent or the building owner. Even if the landlord allows you to bring in pets, the rules that apply to the entire building could be stricter. So it’s important to learn about them in detail before making your final decision on accepting the apartment.

Instead of just asking if pets are allowed, ask specific questions as well. For example, if your dogs tend to bark a lot, ask if that would be a problem, and inquire if you need to be careful while going up and down the stairs with your dogs, or about allowing them to urinate in certain outdoor areas close to the building. There might be specific rules about all of these issues, and some apartments for rent in Bentonville AR will even have rules about the size and maximum weight of the pets you bring in.

Is the Apartment Truly Pet-Friendly?

Being allowed a pet and being able to move in with a pet are two very different things. Before you move in, it’s essential that you examine the apartment thoroughly and make sure that it’s a suitable environment for a pet. If you don’t yet have a dog or a cat, it might be a good idea to purchase one that is as suitable as possible to the living area in question.

Generally speaking, a few points of interest should include the flooring, the balcony and the access you have to outdoor areas nearby. Is there a park close by? Is the balcony large enough to set up a small outdoor “bathroom” for your pet there? And are there a lot of fragile carpets around the apartment?

Hardwood and tile floors are usually better than carpets, since you won’t have to worry about cleaning too much or removing pet hair. A balcony and access to outdoor areas are also because of your pet’s need to go to the bathroom, as well as his or her need for exercise and fresh air. These issues are extremely important, especially when you’re not able to take your dog outside every single day