Important Questions You Should Always Ask Before Renting a Storage Unit

Storage units can be a real pain if you don’t get the right one. To prevent that from happening and make sure you won’t have to stand there and argue with the storage company’s representatives while the movers are waiting for your decision, it’s a good idea to ask some of the following questions before even renting a new storage unit or compartment.

Do They Have Full Service Storage?

Some homeowners might be confused by the difference between a self storage service and a moving service. If you plan to move your items straight to a storage unit during your move, and then straight to the new home, then you can avoid hiring a moving service altogether, and just ask your Colorado Springs storage company if they have full service storage.

With full service storage, you can avoid the hassle of moving your items yourself or hiring another company, since the storage company may do everything for you.

How Easy Will Your Access Be?

For some homeowners, 24/7 access is very important if they plan to access and use some of the items they store on a regular basis. If you’re one of them, make sure to discuss with your storage provider whether or not they can provide you with convenient access options, such as 24/7 access and the ability to park your car or truck right in front of the door to your storage compartment whenever you need to get something out.

Will Your Items Be Properly Protected?

Climate control and security are two of the most important amenities and features that storage providers are required to have. If you want your belongings to be properly protected from rain, snow, UV radiation, fires, as well as thieves trying to steal your most prized and high priced items, make sure to ask your storage company about the more advanced climate control and hi-tech security features that they have to offer.

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What Sizes and Extra Features Are Available?

You might have a wine cellar with a considerable number of vintage bottles that require special wine storage. Alternatively, you might own snow mobiles, boats, classic cars or other vehicles that require a more careful approach to their storage requirements. If so, make sure you are specific about the size of your storage unit and the special boat or car storage Colorado Springs features you might require, as well as detailed pricing.

What Items Are You Restricted from Storing?

Not all items are allowed, and depending on the state you’re in, some might even be illegal to store. Dangerous and illegal items, such as weapons and toxic substances will typically fall under this category, and you might have to consider talking to some experts who handle special storage, if you are the legal owner of legal (but normally restricted) items and you require a particular type of storage unit that isn’t usually available at most companies.

Ask About Insurance and Cost-Related Issues

Finally, it’s very important to ask what would happen if somehow your items were damaged or stolen. Inquire about insurance benefits offered by the company, and make sure you ask for a copy of their insurance policy. Once that’s done, you can talk about the price and ask how much each feature costs, so you can determine what you want and for how long.