What Should I Look for When Finding a Self-Storage Unit?

Finding the self-storage unit that works best for your items and is also easy to access is no small task – here is some help to make the process easier for you.

Location and Access

How important these two aspects are depends on how often you need to access your storage unit. Most storage facilities are located at the edge of your town or city, so you will inevitably have to do some commuting.

The opening hours when you can have access to your storage unit is another important aspect – not all facilities provide access to their compartments 24/7, so bear that in mind when choosing a storage space provider.

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Safety, Security and Insurance

The security of the items that you store in your compartment should be on the top of your list of priorities, so make sure that you pick a Fort Smith storage provider that guarantees 24/7 surveillance with camera systems, plenty of light both indoors and outdoors and security fencing around the facility. Make sure that your storage unit is fitted with an alarm system and check out how safe and sturdy the locks on your unit are.

Many facilities offer diverse insurance options for the items stored in their units – if the items that you want to move are not insured otherwise, look for a unit that comes with insurance.

Temperature and Humidity Conditions

In terms of the protection of your stored items from heat, cold, dryness and high humidity, self-storage units can be classified into three categories:

  • Outdoor units – these are the cheapest units available, suitable for large and sturdy items that are not sensitive to weather conditions, such as vehicles;
  • Temperature-controlled units – these units are located in facilities equipped with heating to maintain the interior temperature stable, but they do not provide humidity control, so they are suitable for items that need the ambient temperature to be relatively stable, but are not sensitive to humidity;
  • Climate-controlled units – these units provide a controlled environment for your items, with stable humidity and stable temperature as well. These units are the best choice for sensitive items, such as important documents, furniture made from wood, wood veneer and leather, musical instruments, such as a guitar or a piano, works of art, electronics, items made from metal components that can rust and sensitive clothing, especially pieces made from fine fabrics.

Help Moving Your Items

Many Fort Smith storage unit providers offer not only compartments for rent, but other services as well, such as packing and moving services, the availability of packing supplies on the premises.

Flexible Terms

Most people looking for a suitable Fort Smith storage unit need the space only for short periods, but some clients need the space they are renting for years. The best storage unit providers try to cater for such diverse requirements offering flexible rental terms, so look for a company that offers weekly, monthly as well as yearly payment plans and allow you to cancel the contract easily if you don’t need the storage space anymore. Many facilities also offer one month for free if you pay several months in advance or if you rent a specific type of unit, so try to find a facility that offers such promotions.

How to Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Move

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The best way to reduce the stress related to moving house – and the best way to reduce the stress related to any kind of complex activity planned for the near future – is to plan ahead and to stick to that plan. Packing an entire household in a way that keeps your belongings safe and easily retrievable at your new location is no small task, so here are a few tips for you about putting together a great and efficient moving plan.

When to Start

The preparations for the upcoming move should ideally start 4-8 weeks before the planned date of the move. You can spend the first few days or the first week just brainstorming and looking for a suitable moving service or figuring out some other way to transport your items to your new place.

Tasks to Handle Each Week Before the Move

The next task to handle is to make an inventory of your belongings. Start entering everything that you want to move into a list – the process is an excellent opportunity to sort your belongings and to get rid of anything that is not functional and of any item that you don’t want to use anymore. If you cannot make up your mind whether a specific item should stay or go, think about the last time that you used it – if the item has not been in use for over a year, chances are that you don’t need it and you can give it to someone else or toss it. Parallel with the sorting process, the second week of the preparation is also when you should call your Wheat Ridge movers to schedule the exact date of the move.

The third week of the preparations should be spent getting packing supplies. You will need boxes of various sizes, sturdy plastic bags, preferably transparent to make the identification of the items contained easier, tape, glue, wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap for the fragile items, string, markers and labels. Try to develop the packing system that works best for you – you can either choose to pack the items that are in one room at a time or you can pack clothes on one day, household appliances on the next and so on. Don’t forget your utilities either, dealing with utility companies is not always as fast as you would like it to be – contact your utility providers to cancel the service or to move them to your new address.

The final phase of the packing process starts when you have everything packed. Go through your rooms one more time to check whether there is anything left to pack, then clean the home from top to bottom.

Things to Pay Attention to

Don’t forget to prepare for the first night or for the first couple of days spent at your new location. Pack a large bag or a suitcase with the items that you might need in the beginning, such as toiletries, bedding, towels, some instant coffee, pajamas, whatever you need to start your new life in comfort and to help you prepare for the unpacking.